Friday, June 22, 2007

Nature at Our Doorstep

For city slickers like ourselves, Bali is full of natural wonders indeed. Even within the confines of our little hotel, we encounter nature up close and personal.

this wandered right up to the reception area - whitebreasted waterhen

This time, the padi fields were devoid of padi but of course not of birds, as observed from our balcony.

out in the padi fields - great egret

cattle egret

some kind of bittern

javan pond heron


more ducks

spotted doves

yellow-vented bulbul

Of course, there weren't just birds.

one of our nocturnal serenaders - toad

Needless to say, there was much to see in the neighbourhood too.

"I wonder if it'll fly down"

"let's play while mommy is making dinner"

eeking a living out on the streets

geese, proving that you can do just about anything on the streets

the men's pride and joy - fighting cocks

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