Friday, June 22, 2007

Here We Go Again

"Your first time in Bali?"

"No, our fourth time."

"How many times in Ubud?"

"Four times."

At this point, our Balinese interlocutors invariably nod in approval. They have no doubt that their island paradise is the "Island of the Gods". Surely that is good enough for lowly mortals. Indeed, we are discovering that, the more time we spend in Bali, the more time we want to spend there. After four visits, five days is not enough.

In the beginning, we were simply happy to sit on our patio and stare at the padi fields. With each subsequent visit, we discovered new things to do, new restaurants to eat at. Now, we are torn between revisiting the old and familiar, and exploring new territory. There isn't enough time for everything, let alone time for staring at the padi fields. The temples, the dances, the food, the music, the shops, the festivals, the customs, the landscapes, all add up to a heady mixture. Bali, we are discovering, rewards those who take the time to dig below the surface...

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