Friday, June 22, 2007

To Market, To Market

This was the first trip we felt comfortable enough to venture into the local market. I remember, on our very first trip to Ubud, we felt hassled by the souvenir vendors who operate in the afternoon. It's a very different place in the mornings. Us tourists with our cameras are mere curiousities, not targets. We in turn enjoyed our strolls, mingling with the Balinese...

nothing like fast food for breakfast, Balinese style

handmade indeed

daun salam drink and rice chendol

daun salam leaves

looking down into the bowels of the market

everything you need and more

including offerings

choko - feels like apple, but 'taint apple

fish all the way from the coast

harking back to earlier times

palm sugar - no prizes for guessing what was used for molds

don't ask, don't tell

giant donuts.... NOT!

you have to wonder what makes those snacks fluoresce...

eek, eels

the spice of life

hole in the wall provision store

incense on wheels

bags, bags, bags - HM went crazy

curious eyes

for the little ones

something old, something new

we all know how this is gonna end...

all dressed up and to market we go

the colours that make Bali Bali

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